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Chair Massage


 “Better than the previous company that provided it” - Tanya      

     Chair Massage or Seated Massage, whatever name you know it by in Las Vegas you know it's GREAT! Why are you considering Chair Massage? Is it time to give back to your employees? Are you having an event and need the BEST advertising for your company?

     Time to GIVE back!  All Star Massage Therapy Vegas provides our corporate clients with a competitive edge by enhancing the performance & well-being of a company's most important asset - its employees. Boeing features an "Industrial Athlete Program" that offers massage to help improve employees' physical and mental resilience. Eddie Bauer offers massage as part of a wellness program that includes mammograms, a wellness room and a personal trainer at the company's on-site gym. Google has its own "Massage Program Manager," who boasts on a YouTube video that the company has "massage going in multiple massage rooms eight hours a day, five days a week." Massage has not only gone mainstream – it has gone corporate! Companies big and small have discovered the benefits of wellness in the workplace, and they're using massage as a way to attract and keep employees, while also keeping them productive. It's hard to really appreciate the benefits of this service unless you've tried it yourself. We would love the opportunity to come to your office and give you and anyone else involved in making decisions a FREE demonstration so that you can experience the results first hand. Simply call All Star Massage Therapy and we will set up a time that's convenient for you. 702-373-2283 or 702-373-2284


  • As a stress management and health promotion program
  • To help increasing productivity
  • During heavy work periods or when under tight deadlines
  • For meetings and conventions
  • To improve employee morale
  • During stressful transitional periods
  • To help decrease absenteeism
  • To improve employee retention
  • As a thank you
  • As a premium and incentive tool
  • As a promotional tool


     Every Business needs ADVERTISING Chair massage is a proven way to attract visitors to you special event. There are 1000's of companies competing for the same attendees at conventions. The same old booth attractions like models, bands or giveaways don't keep them around as long as you would like. Tradeshow massage is a great idea!! Having All Star Massage Therapy provide chair massage at your next Las Vegas event will help you:

  • Definitely attract a crowd. Crowds will be consistent through all days of the show.
  • You'll increase booth traffic and lead count. If you prequalify attendees while they wait you'll have an opportunity to increase your ROI.
  • You'll open up new communication opportunities. You'll have a chance to engage your visitors while they wait in your exhibit, some up to a half-hour. You'll deliver your      marketing message to them during the massage.
  • Your exhibit will become a hub of activity. People are attracted to movement and activity. Your exhibit will be a happening place.
  • Offering free massage is a kind and considerate thing to do. Believe us - Attendees will really appreciate it and they will tell you so. In this time of constant irony and cynicism, try simple kindness instead.
  • Many exhibiting experts recommend you engage as many of the five senses as possible. Chair massage can give you 3 of the five. Sight, Hearing, Touch.
  • It's fun! Attendees will talk to one another while they wait, trade stories about their aches and pains, and in general have a good time.

               When you book All Star Massage Therapy for your event you won’t be disappointed. We always show up ONTIME, in uniform and ready to massage at the designated time. In this business there are unethical companies that will just take your money and provide poor service. This is not the case with All Star Massage Therapy. We will provide the best customer service to you and your future clients. We don’t sit in our chair and relax waiting for people, we approach everyone that comes within the area of your booth, offering them massage and we let them know Massage is being provided by (insert your company here) Massage is great at any of these functions:


Social events
Golf tournaments
Health fairs
Awards events
Customer appreciation days
Wellness week
And more


What event attendees & employees are saying:

Lynne - Awesome!!                                                          Anthony - Great Massage         

 Steve - Super!                                                                Tom - Refreshing!     

 Sami - cool                                                                    Bob - 5 stars

 Larry - Excellent                                                              Claudia - Great

 Suellen - wonderful                                                          Bonnie - felt good

 Donna - Great                                                                Masi - Great Hands

 Thelma - Great                                                               Cindy - Awesome

 Lorri - On par w/ yoga - relaxing                                         Sandi - Awesome!

 Georgia - Fabulous                                                          Gaylynn - Fantastic!! Relaxing!

 Kristin - Awesome :)                                                        Jenny - Excellent!

 Lansing - Excellent & Relaxing                                            Vicki - Wonderful - relaxing

 Debbie - Great!!                                                              Karen - Wonderful!

 Tanya - Better than the previous company that provided it        Shannon - Great

 Jai - Fantastic                                                                 Loren - Great!

 Lizet - Relaxing / awesome!!                                              Lincely - Great work

 Jesse - wow! :)                                                              Megan - So relaxing

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